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Finding the Right Summer Camp for Your Children

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Finding the right Summer Camp for your kid is incredibly important because these things shape the lives of our children and lead to lasting and profound memories that your child will cherish for the rest of their life. There are very good summer camps and there are very bad summer camps and finding the right one is incredibly important and that’s what I would like to talk about in this article today.

The first question you need to ask is how does the camp handle troublesome children. Watch the director after you ask this question because if they hesitate they may not have an official policy in place. Look for the camp that involves the camp director as well as a camp counselor, and also the parents when dealing with troublesome children. Also make sure they have a written policy that spells out exactly what they will do and how well it is enforced.

The next question to ask is this… what percentage of camp counselors were previous campers at this? This is a fantastic question to ask because if more than 50% of the counselors in the past were campers themselves then it’s a very good indication that the camp’s culture is positive. It is not out of line for you to ask for the names and phone numbers of several counselors. Call up the counselors and talk to them and ask about their different backgrounds and aspirations.

Another wonderful question is how does the camp deal with homesickness? Kids, especially younger kids get homesick when they go to camp especially if it’s their first time away from home. Many places have a specific counselor who only deals with homesickness, especially if it’s a larger facility. Many counselors try to make sure that the children fit into groups and become engaged with the group and their activities as a way to stamp out homesickness. However the camp does it, it’s important that they have a plan to address this very thing.

Finally you should always ask how the staff has been trained. This does not have to be extensive training, but it should be several days worth of training at the very least. Many camps don’t train their counselors at all but instead give them a quick intro course that may last a couple of hours and you want to probably stay away from these type of places.

Benefits Of Summer Camp

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

One of the most exciting and integral part of our childhood is the summer camps. They are one of the best options to consider incase you want to really have fun with the same group of persons incase you are really intending to enjoy life to the fullest. Children learn lot of things if they attend summer camps. Due to this they learn to respect and take care of parents. Generally parents feel very happy when their children return from camps because they learn to take care, learn the importance of giving, learn how to take a right decision and become more responsible.

In camp, young people learn to understand the strength of mankind. When these young kids attend summer camps they develop social skills, build confidence, self respect and service skills. Social skills help them to develop their leadership skills, communication and participation. Other skills that they develop are responsibility, and resourcefulness. They learn to trust others. If your child can find a perfect summer camp, he will loads of friends, discover new things about him or her, do new things everyday. A summer camp spent in the mountains or woods can develop child’s awareness of the relationship between humans and nature. It is great fun to attend summer camps. Summer camps increases their self-esteem. They learn to look after themselves and the younger campers. Taking up responsibility, exceeding expectations help children to feel good about them.

Kids learn to work together for a common goal and find their place within the team. When they complete their task successfully, each team member is rewarded and they learn to respect each other for their hard work. Regardless of race, religion or beliefs, kids live together and forget their differences and feel they are all the same. Through these accepted differences, tolerance becomes part of their life, a skill that is much needed in today’s world. A good camp enables the child a world where they are free from judgment. They are able to be exactly who they are without fear of ridicule. This enables child to explore new things, which will help they in gaining self-esteem. There are a wide variety of camps such as equestrian, ice hockey, oceanography or drama. Before choosing a camp, speak to your son or daughter which type of camp interests them. These camps help them to learn about morals and ethics.

The summer camp benefit provides many benefits to children in terms of physical fitness, socialization and personal growth. Youngsters can learn new skills in summer camps from canoeing, swimming, hiking, horseback riding and the list goes on. Children learn to have fun and try out new things without their parents. These days you can find camps that specialize in computers or technology, adventure, travel, art, photography, drama and a wide range of sports. Even children’s who have certain disabilities and illness can join camps. These days, you can find camps that meet almost every child’s interests or needs. Childhood obesity is on rise, so it provides an opportunity for kids to move from their classroom work and get some fresh air and exercise. Camp brings your child in contact with kids from different schools, communities, and cultures. The benefits of summer camp are both immediate and slow to emerge. Children who attend camp develop connections with the world.