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How to Stay Safe While Going Camping

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

When you go camping, you want to have fun and relax from the normally busy world. Generally speaking camping is a safe experience, but some things can happen. It is best to be prepared for these situations so that you can camp safely. One of the most common injuries for most campers is getting glass in their feet. Unfortunately many use camp grounds as a place to go out and drink breaking their bottles all over the ground. Most places have lots of glass in the ground. Be sure to always wear shoes especially when it’s dark and be watchful.

Know some basic first aid. When someone cuts their foot on glass or has a stumble or fall, you will most likely be the first response to this problem since you are out in the woods. Know how to treat basic things and where exactly you can get help if help is needed. Someone, hopefully you, should know some basic first aid. Be aware of the wildlife in your area where you choose to go camp. Generally wildlife is not on a problem on most paid camp grounds but out in the woods they can be. For the most part if you practice bear safety by having bear bags or keeping food sealed in bags in a car this should keep hungry, curious animals from showing up. Food never belongs in a tent, ever, unless you want wild animals in your tent! You can put it in a bag and hang it from a tree is your car is not nearby.

Know fire safety. Always have more water on hand to put out the fire than needed because it could get out of control. This is a very costly and sometimes deadly mistake some make by letting their fires get out of control. People tend to play with fires when camping which is not a good thing. Have a way of contacting someone while out in the woods. Find out if your cell phone works where you will be. If not, know where a ranger or someone to contact will be just in case of emergency. This is very important because if something happens you need to know what to do immediately.