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Car Camping Guide

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Amp Up Your Water Supply

Many car camping destinations—particularly in the mountains or in the arid Southwest—don’t have reliable water sources, which forces campers to supply whatever liquids they’ll be using. Problem is, people often plan their water supply on how much they expect to drink, and overlook that water will also be required for cooking, cleaning and possibly bathing or first-aid.

My personal rule is to take twice as much water as I think I’ll need. Since a water shortage can have dire consequences, this is an area where I don’t skimp. You’ll have the luxury of not having to haul it in by foot, so there’s no reason to hold back on the amount of water you pack.

Check Your First-Aid Kit

Packing a first-aid kit should be second nature to every camper, whether it’s in the trunk of a car or a backpack. However, what might be less intuitive is checking the kit’s contents prior to lighting out for the woods. Bandages, salves and painkillers used on a previous outing might not have been replaced upon returning to civilization.

Also, depending on where you’ll be camping, you might want to pack extra sunscreen, lip balm and bug repellent to accommodate a region’s specific conditions.

Keep Away From the Fuel

Outdoorsmen have been known to make some reckless decisions when agitated by the elements or general wilderness frustrations. But, you should never use your gasoline or any other fuel intended for your vehicle to help start a campfire. The risk is not worth the reward and if your car camping trip has come to the point where starting the fire with gasoline is being considered, it’s probably best to just pack up and drive home.

Pack Tons of Food

As a rule, campers of all ages are happier if they’re well fed, and in some cases, good cooking can actually be the highlight of a trip. Camping food staples like pasta, rice and cereal are cheap and can be bought in bulk, and you should plan for strong appetites.

Also, pack plenty of “dry” snacks and a few dinners that don’t need to be cooked (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, for example), in case you find yourself having to feed hungry mouths during a downpour. Candy bars or trail mix are great for energy replenishment between meals, but store them in a cool, shaded spot so they don’t melt and ruin other food.

Outdoor Camping Equipments

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Outdoor camping has gained much popularity over years to have a change from your day today busy life. Some days out away from hectic schedules provide much excitement and recreation options than any other holiday plan. If you plan to have an outdoor camping this season then try finding the best of camping equipment to carry with for the utmost comfortable camping experience. Outdoor camping equipment accessories come in the shape of camping tents, amping stoves, camping clothing, hiking boots, utensils, chairs, tables etc. Since the camping places chosen are varied so are the camping accessories that are required for particular needs. Some people like to camp in the plains, some in the mountain areas, some in fields and some in woods. This means that thecamping equipment required will depend on the location you have chosen to camp in.

To enjoy the fun and excitement completely, it’s important to carry camping stuff that you will require during your camp stay. There are some hikers and campers who love to camp and discover the most extreme parts of the world. Thus the camping requirements differ from person to person. So before starting for any camping outdoor buy the things that you will require. To find the best camping equipment its better to find a cheap camping equipment dealer and order the stuff you want to carry along. The light weight tents, portable camping stoves, handy weightless chairs, disposable utensils, sleeping bags, hiking boots, light fabric weightless clothes and other camping accessories can be bought online at t he most discount rates. It is good to carry camping equipment that is too light to so as to give you much freedom while trekking and hiking.

Many types of camping equipment are not cheap to buy and can be afforded only when you have a large budget. Thus you should make a list of items that you cannot do without whilecamping. Depending upon how often you go for camping, renting camping equipment is a good option. Otherwise if you are a camping freak then having a stock of your own camping gear is worth. Have a great camping experience this season by keeping all your camping requirements toned up.